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Welcome to the Border Regiment on this day

'On this day' is a timeline and historical digest of the Border Regiment.
The aim of this project is to list events spanning the years of the Regiment's existence (18811959).
But it's more than that, read on to find out more.

On this day, 26 October

Events of the Border Regiment that took place on this day.


  • 1st Border Regiment leaves De Aar Junction by train early morning passing Queenstown en route to East London, Cape Colony.


  • Lt. Watson, 2nd Border Regiment, after his machine-gun section is blown out of its trench at Kruiseik Hill on 25 October, advances his machine gun to a new position and opens fire on the enemy infantry at 300 yards.
  • The 2nd Border Regiment falls back to Zandvoorde and bivouack in a nearby field while C Company marches to Ypres and takes up billets.