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Welcome to the Border Regiment on this day

'On this day' is a timeline and historical digest of the Border Regiment.
The aim of this project is to list events spanning the years of the Regiment's existence (18811959).
But it's more than that, read on to find out more.

On this day, 27 June

Events of the Border Regiment that took place on this day.


  • 1st Border Regiment, Gallipoli: Orders received to take over firing line trenches from junction of Turkey Trench and firing line up to and including barricade across Gully.
  • 2nd Border Regiment at Beuvry proceeds to trenches at 4:30pm relieving 1st Grenadier Guards.



  • 2nd Border Regiment remains in camp at Mory and commences training.
  • 8th Border Regiment attempts to clean filthy billets at Erny St. Julien – Wet weather in the afternoon.
  • 11th Border Regiment at Ooste-Dunkerque: Working parties up to line during night. Strengthening of temporary breastworks.


  • 8th Border Regiment travelling by train, which arrives at Hesdin at 1pm. They detrain and after tea march to billets at Emery; arriving 9pm.
  • 11th Border Regiment Cadre leaves Doullens and marches to Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher, staging on night of 27/28 June at Bernaville.


  • 1st Border Regiment, for several days (27 June–1 July) with their equipment and transport, are spread between Mascara (Algeria) and Sousse (Tunisia) in preparation for their part in "Operation Husky".[3]


  1. The raiding party moves off for Knightsbridge Bks at 10:45pm and arrives at the top of Shaftsbury Ave, (the point of exit) at 11:30pm with the exception of two Bangalore Torpedoes, which are sent in charge of a guide provided by the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers to move over the top of the trenches and form up at the point of exit.
    Directly from the 1st Battalion's war diary:
    "This arrangement was made on account of the extreme difficulty of getting them along the trenches. Apparently the guide took this way & the torpedoes did not turn up till 12.5am, it was then found that the fuse holes were choked with mud. The hour fixed for the party to issue from our trenches was 11.50pm but owing to the non arrival of the torpedoes this was delayed till 12 mn."
    "At this hour the party started out & LT BREMNER succeeded in finding the cut in the wire at Q 17 A 8:85. All the wire was cut with the exception of the last 8' which consisted of a thick mass of iron knife rest trestles. Just as he got to the wire the NFLd Regts' raid on the German salient [illegible] & at once machine gun & rifle fire was opened by the enemy & a large number of 'very lights' were [illegible]. LT BREMNER was trying all this time to cut through the wire with clippers but progress was too slow & at 1.5am, he gave the order for the party to reline to our trenches, [illegible] our line at 1.20am. No casualties."
  2. Casualties on night of 27 June: Killed:- 2 Lieut. J.H. Dothie & 3 other ranks; Wounded:- 3 other ranks.
  3. Operation Husky (9 July–17 August) was the glider borne invasion of Sicily, for which the Border airborne troops (and South Staffordshire Regiment) are awarded their "glider" motif.