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Welcome to the Border Regiment on this day

'On this day' is a timeline and historical digest of the Border Regiment.
The aim of this project is to list events spanning the years of the Regiment's existence (18811959).
But it's more than that, read on to find out more.

On this day, 25 September

Events of the Border Regiment that took place on this day.



  • 1st Border Regiment disembarks at Kephalos (Bay) on the Isle of Imbros and marches to rest camp.
  • 2nd Border Regiment at Noyelle, along with the 20th Infantry Brigade, begins attack on enemy positions. At 5:50am a gas attack commences.
    • At 6:30am the 2nd Gordon Highlanders and 8th Devonshire Regiment leave their trenches and advance at a walk in line up to the enemy's trenches.
    • The trenches vacated are immediately occupied by 6th Gordon Highlanders and the 2nd Borders.
    • At 7:25am the front system of enemy trenches opposite the 20th Infantry Brigade are successfully captured.
    • Both the 2nd Gordon Highlanders and 8th Devonshire Regiment are steadily advancing, supported by the 6th Gordon Highlanders and the 2nd Borders, in spite of heavy losses.
    • During the advance an enemy trench containing 8 field guns is captured and the enemy gunners are taken prisoner.
  • 6th Border Regiment: Gallipoli (Suvla Bay). The Battalion is in support with a working party on 'Green Lane'; 2nd Lieut. J.T. Johnstone[2] and D.S. Buchanan (9th King's Own Scottish Borderers) are attached.


  • 2nd Border Regiment in the trenches at Le Touquet encounter active enemy sniper fire during early morning.
    • The Battalion is relieved by the 8th Devonshire Regiment; the Companies after relief are located as follows:
      • B Company garrisons the following Strong Post: Lys Farm, Station Redoubt, Seven Trees.
      • D Company garrisons Paternoster Row, Reserve Farm, Fort Paul, Lancaster Support Farm.
      • C Company (1 platoon) garrisons Gunner Farm.
      • A and C Companies (and Battalion HQ) in billets a Le Bizet in Brigade Reserve.
    • The Relief is complete by 12 noon with only one casualty killed.[3]
  • 8th Border Regiment move from Domleger to Amplier (16½ miles) starting at 7am. The men halt for approximately 1½ hours at midday.
  • 11th Border Regiment in reserve at Le Quesnoy find working parties for the front line trenches and Royal Engineers.
    • The Commanding Officer visits a demonstration by teams from the battalions of the 96th Infantry Brigade during the afternoon on the various ways of manoeuvering over craters.


  • 2nd Border Regiment remains in billets at Longuenesse and attends an attack scheme under Divisional arrangements.
  • 2/4th Border Regiment: India. A draft of 123 NCO's and men arrive at Bombay from England and proceed to Cherat, NWFP (North-West Frontier Province).
  • 8th Border Regiment at Marles-les-Mines involved in general and special training during the morning and recreational training during the afternoon.
  • 11th Border Regiment at La Panne find working parties.


  1. Col. Machell becomes the heart of the Battalion and the men come to revere him. He turns the varied farm servants, miners, clerks etc. into soldiers, initially on his own, as he does not even have an Adjutant (Capt. P.G.W. Diggle) until December when he is appointed.
  2. Lieut. James Tait Johnstone. Died 28/09/1916 Age: 27. Buried at Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Tait Johnstone of 1, Sylvan Place, Edinburgh.
  3. S. Holden (27344 Pte.) Buried at Tancrez Farm Cemetery.