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Welcome to the Border Regiment on this day

'On this day' is a timeline and historical digest of the Border Regiment.
The aim of this project is to list events spanning the years of the Regiment's existence (18811959).
But it's more than that, read on to find out more.

On this day, 30 August

Events of the Border Regiment that took place on this day.


  • 1st Border Regiment: Gallipoli (Anafarta Saghir Zone). Work on improving existing dugouts proceeds.
    • Working party of one officer and 50 men are sent to King's Own Scottish Borderers.
    • Working party of three officers and 150 men are sent to South Wales Borderers for work in communication trenches from 8pm to 12 midnight.
    • During the night all the balance of Regimental stores, kits etc. are brought up from the beach to the headquarter nullah.
  • 2nd Border Regiment remains in reserve trenches near Marias.
  • 6th Border Regiment: Gallipoli (Suvla Bay). The Battalion is in dug outs in support near the Salt Lake.
  • 7th Border Regiment is to be lent to 3rd Division and proceed to Sanctuary Wood near Hooge on night of 31 August.


  • 2nd Border Regiment remains encamped in reserve at Buire.
  • 8th Border Regiment along the whole line is heavily shelled day and night.
  • 11th Border Regiment has comparatively quiet day in the front line trenches in Hulluch Sector.
    • Officers of the 8th Brigade, 3rd Division, visits the trenches before taking over the line from the 32nd Division.


  • 2nd Border Regiment arrives at Proven at about 7:30am and detrains.
    • At 9:00am the Battalion proceeds by march route to camp near Linde Goed Farm.
    • 'A' Company arrives in camp at 12 midnight.
  • 8th Border Regiment involved in general and specialist training during the morning.
    • Final for Divisional Football played on Battalion ground during the morning and won by 13th Cheshire Regiment.
    • During the afternoon the 8th South Lancashire Regiment wins 4-2 in football match.
    • During the evening is a Brigade Boxing Tournament.
  • 11th Border Regiment at Oost Dunkerque involved in training under Company Arrangements; working parties at night.