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Welcome to the Border Regiment on this day

'On this day' is a timeline and historical digest of the Border Regiment.
The aim of this project is to list events spanning the years of the Regiment's existence (18811959).
But it's more than that, read on to find out more.

On this day, 4 September

Events of the Border Regiment that took place on this day.


  • 1st Border Regiment: Gallipoli (Suvla Bay). The Battalion remains in reserve with one company in the firing line.
  • 2nd Border Regiment is relieved in the trenches at night and proceeds to billets at Labourse; a draft of 31 Other Ranks join the Battalion.
  • 6th Border Regiment: Gallipoli (Suvla Bay). The Battalion is in support dug outs.


  • Major G.E. Beaty-Pownall[1] is left in charge of 2nd Border Regiment to bring it on to Montauban where it arrives just after the 9th Devonshire Regiment at about 2:00am.
    • Guides are picked up and the Battalion proceeds to Bernafay Wood to pick up tools after which the guides disappear and the Battalion continues without them.
    • The Battalion catches up with the 9th Devonshire Regiment, who also lose their guides. These occurrences considerably delayed the advance.
    • The Battalion is in position as follows:
      • A Company (under Capt. P.R. Dowding): 2 Platoons in 'Stout Trench', 2 Platoons in Support Trench north of 'Ginchy Avenue'.
      • B Company (under Capt. R.F. Newdigate): In Support Trench north 'Ginchy Avenue'.
      • C Company (under 2nd Lt. J.A. Malkin): In 'Ginchy Avenue'.
      • D Company (under Lieut. R.K. Ehrenborg): In a trench north of 'York Alley' (this is believed to be 'Longueval Avenue'.
      • Battalion Headquarters is located at the end of 'York Alley'.
    • At 10:00am, on an appeal for support from OC 9th Devonshire Regiment REGT, 'A' Company is ordered to support them and 2 extra Platoons are moved up to 'Stout Trench'.
    • The 9th Devons are forced back by shell and machine gun fire; 'A' Company remains in position.
    • The Battalion comes under heavy shellfire; as a result the font is extended a little along 'ZZ Trench'.
    • The men of the Battalion work hard on improving the existing trenches by deepening them; casualties are comparatively few, although some men are buried.
  • 8th Border Regiment is in front line trenches at Leipzig Salient engaged in holding these trenches and improving/repairing them.


  • 2nd Border Regiment remains in billets at Hondeghem and carries out its daily training.
  • 8th Border Regiment standing by. Regimental party reconnoitres the front line.
  • 11th Border Regiment has comparatively quiet day in the front line; trenches consist of breast works in a poor state of repair.
    • There is a break in the line between the Left Coy Front and Right Coy Front due to a damaged bridge over a large dyke.


  1. Lt-Col. George Ernest Beaty-Pownall, DSO. Died 10/10/1918. Age: 41. 2nd Border Regiment (attd. 1st Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers) Buried at LijssenThoel Military Cemetery. Son of Lt-Col. G.A. Beaty-Pownall and Susan Beaty-Pownall. His brother Thomas also died with 2nd Border Regiment: Capt. Thomas Trelawny Beaty-Pownall. Died 24/03/1917. Age: 35. Buried at St. Leger British Cemetery.