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Postby RodShack » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:49 pm

Ladies and Gents

Finally got something from the KORBR museum ref my wife's Grandad (viewtopic.php?f=44&t=2505):

We have copies of the Regimental enlistment books and his entry records the following information - he enlisted as a regular soldier on 6th January 1932 for seven years full-time service followed by five on the Army Reserve. He was discharged to the Reserve on 25th May 1939, was obviously immediately recalled at the outbreak of the War and then finally discharged on 17th January 1946. I assume when he was recalled he went directly to the 1st Battalion, but his service record will confirm these details. The Old Comrades Association Membership books record his home address as 45 Long Newton Street, Dawdon Colliery, Seaham Harbour, Co. Durham.

I have done some further checking from various sources in our archives. He would have done his basic training here at the Regimental Depot in Carlisle Castle and then either posted to the 1st battalion based at Bordon in Hampshire and then from February 1933 at Palace Barracks, Holywood near Belfast, or overseas to join the 2nd Battalion. When he joined the Regimental Association in 1934 (No. 2518) he was certainly serving in India with the 2nd. The 2nd Battalion was based at Rawalpindi, NW Frontier Province, India; moved to Landi Kotal, NW Frontier Province in December 1933; to Ferozepore, Punjab in December 1934 and then to Fort William, Calcutta in October 1938. During this period the Battalion was involved in routine garrison duty.

Interesting details so far.

Next stop will be to get his military record from the MOD.

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