1st Bn Border Regt. Victorian movements & postings

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1st Bn Border Regt. Victorian movements & postings

Postby plbramham » Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:53 am

Here’s a transcript from an interesting document I’ve found dating from dating from about 1900 regarding movements of regiments in the Victorian period:

1st Battalion The Border Regiment

From: Bombay, to: Portsmouth. Embarked 20th November, disembarked 15th December 1890.
From: Portsmouth, to: Dover. Embarked 15th December, disembarked 15th December 1890.
From: Dover, to: Woolwich. Embarked 25th May, disembarked 26th May 1893.
From: Woolwich to: Aldershot. Embarked 29th April, disembarked 29th April 1895.
From: Aldershot, to: Southampton. Embarked 10th November, disembarked 10 November 1897.
From: Southampton, to: Malta. Embarked 27th September, disembarked 29th November 1897.
From: Malta, to: Natal via Cape Colony. Embarked 27th September - SS “Sumatra.”, disembarked 29th October 1899

Details from 1st Bn Border Regt. Separated from Battn at Malta:
From: Malta, to: Southampton. Embarked 6th September, disembarked 14th September 1899.
From: Southampton, to: Shorncliffe. Embarked 14th September, disembarked 14th September 1899 & joined details left behind when Bn embarked for Malta..
From: Shorncliffe, to: Colchester. Embarked 26th December, disembarked 26th December 1899.
From: Colchester, to: Fermoy. Embarked 6th March, disembarked 7th March 1900.
From: Fermoy to: Kilworth. Embarked 4th May, disembarked 4th May 1900.
From: Kilworth to: Fermoy. Embarked 4th October, disembarked 4th October 1900.

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