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Postby plbramham » Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:25 pm

Medals would have been “issued” no need to “claim”, but sent to next of kin address.
Of course you must remember that, back then, many people lived in rented houses thus perhaps moved frequently?
They were obliged to return any medal to the issuer if not for the resident. ( I guess they were then melted down, or renamed/ reissued to someone else?)
Remember the standard of literacy was not great then, so I reckon maybe this often did not happen!
The classic case is the WW1 trio/pair. The British War Medal was solid silver worth “ a crown - 5 shillings”, hence many of these were pawned during 1920s/30s depression, thus the many “broken trio/pair “ of WW1 medals.
There are websites where you can get copies of your ancestors medals, but chances of finding the originals are very slim, unless somehow they ended up in a museum.
Having said that, I did find the medals for a man who lived just behind my house who was killed in the opening days of the Somme. The medals were left to the museum by his fiancée,
Sorry, I think no chance at all of claiming “originals”, only copies.
Regards Paul
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