Circa 1901 photo

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Circa 1901 photo

Postby plbramham » Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:58 pm

A print I have recently obtained (obviously well out of copyright) of a Border Regiment Sergeant and Private.

A little tricky to date ( thus I can only say roughly, turn of 20th century - i.e. c.1901) The private has the "Queen's crown" on his helmet plate, thus Victorian. The Sergeant wears the "old style" collar badges ( Victorian) , but the private has the "new" style Border collar badges.

I can only assume from a "transition period" between Victorian and Edwardian perhaps, thus I an estimating c. 1900- ish?

I guess the buildings in the background may be inside Carlisle castle, but military buildings were a sort of "standard pattern" worldwide, so could be anywhere.

I do suspect that such photos were probably taken in the UK, so the castle is likely?

Any ideas?

Cheers Paul

P.S I believe I have an example of the Sergeant 's belt buckle, but the private's one appears to be different?
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Re: Circa 1901 photo

Postby kerchi » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:39 pm

You have got good eyes to see the difference between the collar badges! Also, you are usually accurate with working out what period photos were taken.

The background of the image doesn't really help to place it. Have you seen other castle interior photos of that period that show the buildings inside the walled area? The smaller buildings either side of the private don't look like they are in the castle grounds. Buildings come and go, which is why I ask if you have seen other photos of the castle interior because as it is, it doesn't look like the castle interior to me.

Trees obviously got cut down without too much procrastination in those days and like you said, military buildings do all look very similar. The block on the left could quite easily belong inside the castle. If it wasn't so blurry and made to look artistic we might have had a better chance but I think we might be out of luck on this one! :|
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Re: Circa 1901 photo

Postby hussar1000 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:31 am

Perhaps a little earlier? Seems to be a Martini Henry rifle which I believe would have been phased out by 1901 for a regular battalion.

Lack of medal ribbons so neither served in Waziristan 1894 or perhaps photo is before this date. My guess would be late 1880s early 90s. Other than medals I have no knowledge of Border Regt militaria so cannot comment on badges etc.
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