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Postby kerchi » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:47 pm

|  Number  |  Rank  |  Name  |  Other details*  |  Citation  |  Date awarded  |

* sometimes left blank.


|  8/15865  |  Cpl.  |  E.D. WAUGH  |  |  For conspicuous gallantry in charge of a squad of bombers, when he was the first man across. When the Battalion had to retire, he rallied his men in the trench, bombed the enemy as long as possible, and was the last man to leave. His courage was most marked..  |  22.9.16  |

|  11058  |  Pte.  |  W. WESTBROOK  |  (Woking)  |  For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while the only soldier left in his team. He stuck to his Lewis gun, collected all the ammunition he could find, and from a suitable position greatly helped to repel an enemy attack. He afterwards collected sufficient men and formed another section. He did fine work.  |  3.9.18  |

|  5846  |  CSM  |  S. WHEELWRIGHT  |  1st Bn. Attd. 1st Bn. Wilts R. (Borough S.E.)  |  For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. In the advance on Ovillers on 23rd October 1918, he collected parties under heavy enemy barrage, and then made a personal reconnaissance and returned with valuable information, which enabled our troops to go forward.  |  11.3.20  |

|  34931  |  L/Cpl.  |  C.H. WHITE  |  (Chester)  |  For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When the enemy made a determined attempt to outflank our troops he led his Lewis gun team to the exposed flank and brought heavy fire to bear on the enemy, checking their advance. Though badly wounded, he remained in action until ordered to leave the firing line. He showed great courage and determination.  |  1.5.18  |

|  10354  |  L/Cpl.  |  J.N. WILSON  |  2nd Bn.  |  For conspicuous gallantry and great coolness. When on patrol duty with two men he discovered a German officer and six men, and succeeded in killing or wounding the whole party. He has been noted for his courage and ability in every engagement.  |  1.4.15  |

|  4406  |  RSM  |  A. WINDLER  |  1st Bn. (Bordon)  |  For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty, both as regimental serjeant-major and acting quartermaster to the battalion. When acting quartermaster he personally conducted the rations up to the front line, often under heavy fire, and never once failed in his task.  |  11.3.20  |

|  9402  |  L/Sjt.  |  J.M. WOOD  |  1st Bn.  |  For gallant conduct on the 28th June 1915, on the Gallipoli peninsula. He led a reinforcing party into an enemy trench under heavy fire, and proceeded down it until he joined up with the unit on his flank. The section he passed down was strongly held by the enemy, 64 of whom surrendered.  |  6.9.15  |

|  10950  |  Cpl.  |  J. WRIGHT  |  |  For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in making a valuable and daring personal reconnaissance, which resulted in a hostile advance being repulsed with heavy losses. His great courage and coolness under heavy shell and rifle fire at a most critical time were a splendid example to the men.  |  25.8.17  |
In memory of John Bardgett (15309 L/Cpl.), 11th Border Regiment who died 1st July 1916.

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