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IWM Border Regt interview links

Postby plbramham » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:00 pm

Hi , here's some links to WW1 Border Regiment interviews in the Imperial War Museum collection, Paul:

Later note. I've since learnt that these copied links do not work. Try this one: http://www.iwm.org.uk/search/global?que ... ns%20searc
to find them yourself by going to The Imperial War Museums collections site and entering a search for Border Regiment.
There are also about 14 WW2 Border Regt interviews there too

Officer served with 4th Bn Border Regt in India and Mesopotamia, 1914-1918
Background in Carlisle, 1890-1914: education and employment;qualified as chartered accountant. Aspects of service with 4th Bn Border Regt, 1914-1918:enlisted in Carlisle; basic training in GB; joined 4th Bn Border Regt and posted to India, 1914-1916; posted to Mesopotamia, 1917; brief summary of service in India and Mesopotamia; role in preventing fraudulent use of pay books; memory of brother killed at Passchendaele

Private 7th Bn Border Regt on Western Front, 1917-1918; present at Etaples Mutiny, 9/1917
Background in Langworth, Cumberland: family; education; employment as porter and clerk with Midland Railway; enlisted with 3rd Bn Border Regt, 1916; training in GB; posted to France, 1917. Aspects of period at Etaples Infantry Base Depot, France, 9/1917: description of conditions in camp; problem of contracting scabies and hospital treatment; story of Scottish soldier shot by Military Police and ensuing riots; description of Etaples; training regime in Bull Ring; relations with NCOs and Military Police; reason for rioting; posted to 1/1st Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry and absorbed into 7th Bn Border Regt, 9/1917; relations with officers; billets in barn; description of living conditions in Busigny sector, France; moved to front line trenches at Poelcappelle, Belgium; description of operations on 6/Oct/1918; problem of heavy rain; casualties including Lt Parker killed by sniper; description of crossing No Man's Land under fire; amusing story of drinking tea with colonel; water carts.: use of guide tapes and communications with other units; marched to Somme area, France; description of living conditions in Havrincourt sector; problem of poor roads; story of Royal Engineers destroying derelict tank; description of listening post in shell hole; problem of German patrols and flares; description of area around St Quentin Canal and Ancre Valley; confusion between units; description of operations along Albert-Bapaume road and Aveluy Wood sector; story of taking German prisoners; memory of thunderstorm; death of Cpt Saunders on Vimy Ridge; story of German officers having breakfast in Mormal Forest; memory of Armistice while on leave in GB, 11/1918; description of Stokes mortar; description of duties as clerk in demobilisation office, Calais, 1918-1919

Officer served with 1st Bn Border Regt in Gallipoli, 1915
Aspects of background in Carlisle, 1897-1914. Background to commission underage into Border Regt at Carlisle Castle, 14/9/1914. Training with 3rd Bn Border Regt at Shoeburyness, 9/1914-4/1915. Recollections of voyage out with draft to Gallipoli, 5/1915: question of destination; question of inappropriateness of horses for Gallipoli terrain; stop at Mudros, Lemnos. Aspects of period with B Coy, 1st Bn Border Regt at Helles, 5/1915-6/1915: situation on landing at X Beach; reception; story of building dugout for Hamilton; question of influence of Boer War on senior officers; unburied corpses; conditions of service. REEL 2 Continues: nature of fighting, sniper problem and dominant position of Achi Baba; story of being wounded in shoulder on patrol, 6/1915; evacuation to beach. Recollections of evacuation to GB, 6/1915: period in Blue Sisters Hospital, Valetta, Malta; problem with converted troopship's 'hospital ship' status with authorities at Barcelona, Spain. Aspects of period at Helles, Gallipoli, 5/1915-6/1915: conditions of service; morale and reputation of 29th Div; story of uncle's posting to B Coy; meeting Drewry Low; opinion of Australian troops and question of them not taking prisoners; effects of Gallipoli experience; opinion of Gallipoli strategy; sniper problem.

Officer served at Royal Army Medical Corps at Netley Military Hospital, GB, 1915; served with 9th Bn Border Regt on Western Front and in Salonika, Greece, 1915-1916; served with 2nd Bn Middlesex Regt on Western Front, 1917-1918
Aspects of period as medical officer with Royal Army Medical Corps at Netley Hospital, Hants, 1915: background to recruitment; use of huts to expand number of hospital wards; examples of patients exacerbating wounds to prevent return to active service; cases of Sikh troops self inflicted wounds; state of patients' morale. Recollections of operations with 9th Bn Border Regt in Somme area, France, 9/1915-10/1915: role of regimental aid posts, field ambulance units; medical officers and casualty clearing stations in treatment and evacuation of wounded; organisation of stretcher bearers and Regimental Aid Post. REEL 2 Continues: initial treatment of wounded, arrangements for evacuation by ambulance; methods of stopping bleeding; risk of tetanus infection; question of role of medical officers in front line; methods of stopping bleeding; red cross protection for ambulances; question of cases of shell shock; account of role during execution of soldier for cowardice; question of attitude to executions and shell shock cases. REEL 3 Continues: Aspects of operations in Salonika, 1915-1916: role diagnosing malaria and cholera; attack of malaria; second hand reports of cases of sexual frustration treated by establishment of army brothels; terms of appointment as medical officer; return to GB with severe malaria. Aspects of period on medical boards whilst attached to 2/6th Bn Suffolk Regt at Sutton on Sea, 1916-1917; role attached to field ambulance unit, 1917. Recollections of operations attached to 2nd Bn Middlesex Regt on Western Front during German offensive in Villers Bretonneux sector, Somme area, 3/1918: establishing Regimental Aid Post in quarry; burial of stretcher bearers by direct shell hit on cave; emergency evacuation ordered by VC winner Captain Toye; casualties; story illustrating necessity of leaving severely wounded behind.
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