A Remembrance Sunday thought.....

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A Remembrance Sunday thought.....

Postby plbramham » Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:42 am

There is a massive national sentiment (quite rightly) attached to the casualties of the First World War, but we must now remember that the youngest veteran of The Second World War (aged 18 in 1945) is now 85 years old. The losses of WW2 attract much less interest than those of WW1, the latter seems to have an almost tragic romantic image now. We all know Harry Patch was the Last Fighting Tommy of World War One, but how long before the last Dunkirk veteran dies, or the last Tobruk, Arnhem, Normandy , or Japanese PoW veteran dies? I was born in 1962 when the Second World War was recent history and former combatants were only aged about 40, so perhaps sometimes my age group and older forget just how long ago The Second World War was – 73 years since it started now!. Also don't forget post WW2 casualties - not just Iraq & Afghanistan, but Palestine,Suez, Malaya, Borneo, Cyprus, Korea, Falklands, Northern Ireland, and all the others since 1945.
A bullet or explosion today has the same effect as one in France during 1914-18, Paul

We Will Remember (ALL OF) Them

Footnote: I was inspired to write this when I discovered that no Border Regiment veterans were fit enough to attend the Remembrance Sunday Service to see the Kendal Border Roll of Honour dedicated. The last Border Regiment veterans (aged 18 on amalgamation in 1959) will now be 71 years old
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