Sydney Andrews

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Sydney Andrews

Postby lazyuk2001 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:52 pm

My grandfather was in the training reserve 3 (manchester) then 69th training reserve then 4th (r) battalion. i know he served in france but dont know where, if any one can help
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Re: Sydney Andrews

Postby plbramham » Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Hi,Welcome to the Forum
The 4th Battalion The Border Regiment were Territorial soldiers who went to India and Burma ( some to Mesopotamia) to relieve regular troops so that they ( the regulars) could return to England before going to fight on the Western Front. The 4th remained in India thoughout the war and into 1919 but never went to France.
Your grandfather is wearing a Border cap badge in the photo, but if he was in France he must have been in another battalion.
Do you have an documents which you could post on this forum which we could look at , or is it just family history that says he was in the 4th? (I'm afraid all family histories can be notoriously inaccurate as the "Chinese Whispers" down the years change the facts. Somewhere along the line someone may have heard he was a First World War soldier and assumed that must mean he was in the trenches in France, hence that became the family history. I'm afraid even now many people think WW1 was only about trenches and France, forgetting it was a World War). You don't say where he was from, just that he was in the Manchester reserves ( which I'm guessing might really mean a Manchester territorial?). I cannot see how a man from Manchester would be a territorial soldier in the 4th Border which recruited in Cumberland & Westmorland.
There are two answers: 1) He was in France, but not with the 4th. Or: 2) He was with the 4th, but not in France
Do you have his service number?
Try this link ... rial_Force for the 4th battalion page of our sister site the Border Wiki, or click on the Wiki heading on the board index page, click on "battalions", then scroll down to the 4th
Regards Paul
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