Seven Brothers from Kendal (image)

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Re:Seven Brothers from Kendal (image)

Postby Lin » Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:53 am

It's fascinating to see that other 'Kendal Dixons' are showing up on a Soldiers Who Died search. If nothing else, I suppose this highlights just some of the inconsistencies which can be encountered - it's probably also a timely reminder of how confusing things can become.In a nutshell we therefore have six Dixons on the Kendal memorial
Ernest Dixon - 8th Border Regiment - 15116 - d 10/04/1918 *
Walter Dixon - 8th Border Regiment - 19360 - d 11/07/1916 *
Walter Dixon - 8th Border Regiment - 15122 - d 03/07/1916
Robert Drysdale Dixon - 7th Border Regiment - 15120 - d 15/09/1918
Joseph Dixon - RAMC - 341084 - d 24/10/1918
Oswald Steele Dixon - 8th Border Regiment - 15117 - 26/8/1916Why George Dixon (24th Welsh Regiment), Richard (1st Border Regiment)and Robert (10th Kings Royal Rifle Corp)are not included I've no idea. Could it be to do with where they had been living?Lin
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Re: Seven Brothers from Kendal (image)

Postby rdixon » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:15 am

Hi All,

The Robert Drysdale Dixon mentioned in some of the posts was my great uncle, and he is buried in Gauche Wood Cemetery, Villers-Guislain, 15/09/1918.

I'm new to genealogy, but my dad worked with my great aunt (one of Robert's younger sisters) before she died. Do you have any other links that might be relevant?


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