Roll Of Honour

Roll Of Honour

Postby BorderRegiment3095 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:56 pm

Hello everyone

I am wanting to try and research the Long Marton, Brampton and Knock roll of honour. I have all the names of the soldiers just no regiments or anything. If anyone has any information on reaseaching these types of thing I would love to know! Also if anyone has any information on any men local to these areas that would also be ace!

Thanks all

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Re: Roll Of Honour

Postby plbramham » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:02 pm

Are you familiar with the (free!) Commonwealth War Graves Commission website? Click:
Then go to "Find War dead" - "Advanced Search" If you just type in the soldiers name, it will come up with all the matches for that name. If you enter any other details you have - rank, unit, serial number which war, approx. date of death, it will narrow the search and make it easier to spot which entry is your man Obviously the more information you have the more the search will be narrowed down, and of course its easier when the name is unusual i.e. I hate to think how many matches you get for John Smith or Tom Brown!!
As the place names you have mentioned are all in the Eden valley, is there still an active branch of The Royal British Legion in Appleby or Kirkby Stephen who may be able to help you? ( Or even in Penrith perhaps?)
Once you have established your soldier's regiment there is also the "Soldiers Died in the Great War" series of volumes which can help with personal details which are arranged in volumes by unit .
Have a look inside the church as well as on the main outdoor war memorial - you can sometimes get details from memorial plaques or even ( such as in the case of Tebay) stained glass windows.
Regards Paul
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