2/4th pocket testament

2/4th pocket testament

Postby plbramham » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:34 pm

I have a particular interest in the “Forgotten Battalions” of WW1 – the 1/4th & 2/4th Bn Territorials who spent the War in Burma, India & Mesopotamia. Hence I was very pleased to pick up an usual artefact (for just over a fiver!) – a tiny pocket testament given to a 2/4th Bn Sergeant by his mother as a present for Christmas 1915.
It appears to be a testament version designed for military recipients, having a fold out flap for regimental details inside. It must have been quite a lavish gift having several colour pictures depicting biblical scenes and a tooled suede leather cover.
The recipient was Sergeant JOHN ALBERT FORSTER 2/4th Bn. No 2281, later 200938. He received British War Medal and Victory Medal, plus the India General Service Medal with 1919 NW Frontier clasp, awarded to 2/4th Bn men who participated in the 3rd Afghan War
A quick search on the “Free BMD” website shows he was born in Carlisle during the July/August/September quarter of 1896. Married July/August/September 1924, to spouse surname of Laidman, and died in July/Aug/Sept quarter of 1979.
The seller said that family history states that he continued to serve after WW1 from 1920-1935, (whether as a territorial or if he joined the regulars is unknown) They believe his wife was called Margaret.
I’ll add further details about this WW1 territorial if I find them,

P.S. The book is in exceptional condition considering the distance it travelled and the climate – I don’t think he read it much! (Perhaps he didn’t share his mother’s enthusiasm for religion!)
testament cover.jpg
The pocket testament designed for military recipients
testament fold out interior.jpg
Fold out flap for regimental details inside
testament inscription.jpg
Inscription from his mother Xmas 1915
testament  name page.jpg
Forster's name inside the rear cover
Forster MIC.jpg
Forster's medal index card showing his entitlement to the IGSM & 1919 clasp
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Re: 2/4th pocket testament

Postby hussar1000 » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:29 pm

A most interesting find.
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