1918 Armistice – W & C Yeomanry in Ireland

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1918 Armistice – W & C Yeomanry in Ireland

Postby plbramham » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:11 pm

Extracts from memories of the announcement of the Armistice from Corporal Bertram Neyland, Royal Engineers, who was based in Ireland with men from The Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry:
“Our first posting was in Ireland, and we felt we were in a different war altogether. We were sorry for all the boys in France and damned glad we weren’t there with them. I was transferred to Buttevant in County Cork – a little village in the north of the country with a big British barracks, and the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry were there. They were mobilized in August 1914 and they had never been out of Britain. It was weird and wonderful – they were fine physical types, but they’d never been abroad or seen action.
While I was at Buttevant the most remarkable thing was the Armistice. We were receiving the news on a little home made set that no wireless operator would have given tuppence for. Later in the day, the Westmorland and Cumberlands came crowding round the door, “Is it true, is it true?” The rain had stopped so we carted out our table with our tuppeny set on it and we had an enormous aerial, the length of a football field and very high. We were picking up the Eiffel Tower transmitter on it quite distinctly as it broadcast details of the Armistice to the world. I had two earphones which I put on the table so all the chaps could hear the signals. These were all the clickety-clicks for the Morse code and these chaps couldn’t believe that they were coming from the Eiffel tower. It was in French which added to the confusion. “
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