6th Battalion at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay) 1915

Re: 6th Battalion at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay) 1915

Postby hussar1000 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:46 am

kerchi wrote:He was very young-looking and only being 19 years old, how do you think the older privates, L/Cpl.s etc. felt knowing they had to take orders from someone who looked so young. I guess being an officer was about showing you were a capable leader in any circumstance even if you didn't have enough actual field experience. Being respected by your men was something earned....I wonder how Collingwood achieved this.

I'm sure it would have been quite difficult to gain the confidence of older men in the regiment. Perhaps there was still an element of trusting him purely because he was an officer and had an educated background.
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Re: 6th Battalion at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay) 1915

Postby kerchi » Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:22 pm

I totally agree, though I am sure the military was rife with the "what does he know, he's still wet behind the ears" kind of attitude. Without a diary or other written evidence we'll never know if Collingwood was a proven worthy leader of his men (I don't actually know how many men a 2nd Lieutenant commands) or if he had to work hard at being a successful officer with the respect of his men.

Being an officer, he is probably mentioned in the 6th Battalion's War Diary.
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Re: 6th Battalion at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay) 1915

Postby plbramham » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:44 am

Reading George Darwell’s name on Chris’ initial posting reminded me of these details of the Darwell brothers, both 6th Border officers at Gallipoli:

War Office, London, S.W.,28th January, 1916.
The1 following despatch has been received from General Sir Ian Hamilton, G.C.B.:—
1, Hyde Park Gardens, London, W. 11th December, 1915.
My LORD, I have the honour to submit ‘herewith a list of the names of the officers and men whose services I wish to bring to your Lordship's notice in connection with the operations described in my despatch of 11th December, 1915.
I have the honour to be, Your Lordship's most obedient Servant, IAN HAMILTON, General:
Border Regiment (Service Battalion).
Lieutenant-Colonel G. F. Broadrick, Border Regiment (killed).
Captain G. Darwell, Border Regiment (Adjutant).”

Awarded the Military Cross. Captain George Darwell, Border Regiment (Adjutant, Service Battalion).”

Hence I think it is safe to say Darwell’s MC was for Gallipoli!

Both George and his younger brother 2nd Lt. Claude Randal Darwell (also a 6th Border officer, who was killed at Gallipoli 10th August 1915 aged 21) were old boys of Sedbergh school and here is a report of George’s career from the school in 1928:
"Darwell, George: son of G Darwell, Wooler; born September 4th 1884; Sedbergh School December 1898-1902; 3rd Batt. Border Regt., 1902; to 2nd Batt., 1904. Seconded to Northern Nigerian Regiment, 1908. Great War: - Major. Border Regt.; Gallipoli 1915 (); France 1917 – 1918; Italy 1918; wounded 1915, 1918; despatches 1916, 1919; M.C. 1916; Brevet-Major 1919. Married 1914. Address: - Depot of the Border Regt., The Castle, Carlisle."

For full details of George Darwell’s career see posting: viewtopic.php?f=119&t=1684&p=4039&hilit=darwell#p4039

Claude is named on the Appleby war memorial at St Lawrence’s church Appleby. (Note Lt. Col. Machell’s name at the top of the plaque)

St Lawrence's church Appleby.jpg
St Lawrence's church Appleby.jpg (80.1 KiB) Viewed 2163 times
appleby darwell.jpg
appleby darwell.jpg (65.76 KiB) Viewed 2163 times
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