Gallipoli 6th Bn war diary part 1

Gallipoli 6th Bn war diary part 1

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6th Bn BORDER REGIMENT war diary, Gallipoli

Grammar, spelling mistakes, missed punctuation etc. left as on original documents (words in bracket are as such on original)
Illegible or guessed words in [square brackets] with? question marks. Transcription notes in [square brackets and italics],Paul

JULY 1915

9.30am - Battalion received instructions to mobilise for Active Service
9.00 am - [Totally legible as being 9am, I wonder if previous one should really have been 8am?]-A & B Companies parade and proceed to Farnham
10.00 - C & D Companies parade and proceed to Farnham. Proceed by Half Battalion from Farnham to Liverpool and embark on His Majesty’s Transport “Empress of Britain”
1/7/15 LIVERPOOL 10.55pm - Sailed
5-6/7/15 GIBRALTAR. - Passed on the night of 5th -6th July
8/7/15 MALTA. 5pm - Arrived (Coaled)
10/7/15 MALTA. 6am - Departed.
12/7/15 ALEXANDRIA 5.30pm - Arrived (Coaled, took water).
11/7/15 MALTA Lieut W.A.Welsh placed under arrest.
16/7/15 ALEXANDRIA. 7am - Departed for Mudros
18/7/15 LEMNOS. 1.30am – Arrived (Mudros Harbour)
19/7/15. 3pm- 6th Lincoln Regt moved off in transport [“Osmanich”?] and [Elkatura”?] 775 strong (all ranks)
20/7/15. Battalion left disembarking from Empress of Britain. Main party under Lt Col Broadrick on the SS Whitby Castle & 2nd party under Major Causfield DSO in the SS Partridge. No transport carts of any kind left with these vessels, all these being sent with the SS [Abasbich?] & 7th South Staffs.
21/7/15 HELLES. 01.00 – Battalion disembarked in two [crossed out] three parties by the hulk of the SS River Clyde in 3 parties. Just after the first party was landed, the other two parties had to put back, owing to heavy shellfire, and came in later. The whole were disembarked without loss. Battalion first bivouacked in the Portsmouth Lines. Fatigue partys work on the beach in the morning & afternoon were shelled, one man being wounded.As the transport arrived with the stores about 4.30pm, they were shelled from “Achi Baba”. Two men were killed and one wounded. During the evening just after dark all stores etc were moved to a new bivouac just East of the Divl [divisional?] ammunition Park about 300 yards from our first bivouac.
22/7/15. 08.00 - CO, Adjutant, Coy commanders and 2 officers per company visited the fire trench of the 6th Lincoln Regt & the Bn Royal Naval Division, the remainder of the Battalion were employed on fatigues. Battalion moving to their next bivouac during the day. 2 men were wounded by shellfire.
23/7/15- Battalion remained at rest in dugouts. 1 man was killed & 1 wounded on night of 23rd & 24th
24/7/15 REST BIVOUAC - Battalion in rest bivouacs all day and employed on fatigues. (No casualties.)
25/7/15 ESKE LINES BROWN HOUSE. 10.00 - Left rest bivouac & took over duties of battalion in reserve all day, men employed in strengthening reserve trenches, also general fatigues (No casualties)
26/7/15 Whole day spent in reserve, Battalion employed in sanitary fatigues and strengthening Eske Lines. Also carrying water & ammunition to the firing line, During these 2 days a small redoubt was held by 1 officer and 25 men.
27/7/15 Reserve line until noon, Battalion started to relieve Lincoln Regt, relief was completed by 4pm. A, C & D companies were in the firing line and B Coy were in reserve. Work of improvement of trenches was at once carried on. Night all quiet, excepting one portion of D line where a small Turkish redoubt was bombed.
28/7/15 Firing line quiet all day various work proceeding. In the evening front of the line was partially wired. 3 slight casualties (including Major F.C. Marsh.)
29/7/15 FIRING LINE. Quiet all day: Work of improving and consolidating carried on vigorously. No casualties. During the morning Sergeant Gibson and Corporal Wheelwright spotted a man working in a Turkish trench about 200 yards distant, Sergeant Gibson shot him, the Turks a few minutes afterwards throwing the body out of the trench along with rifle equipment. Between 8 & 10pm further wiring was carried out in front of A & D companies. Night quite quiet.
30/7/15. 3pm - Relieved by Lancs Fusiliers (L.F.). Very quiet no casualties.
31/7/15 Battalion in rest camp employed in fatigues during the day. 1 man wounded while on fatigues. Battalion embarked with rest of Brigade about the evening for Imbros.
G.Darwell Capt Adjt. 6th Service Battalion. The Border Regiment


1/8/15 IMBROS. Arrived in Rest camp
2/8/15 – 5/8/15 Rest Camp
6/8/15. Rest camp. Embarked on board destroyers about 5pm and landed at a point just south of SUVLA BAY Gallipoli with the remainder of the 11th Div about 11pm.Regimental in divisional reserve with Lincolnshire Regt.
7/8/15. At dawn battalion had not reached appointed position and dug itself in at Lala Baba - Shelled about 6am. 1 killed 22 wounded. At 5pm battalion moved out of its position to support Lincolnshire Regt engaged on night attack pn the Turkish entrenched position at YOUGHLIN BORNU. A & B coys moved up in support of Lincolns immediately after the position had been captured and helped to consolidate. A Coy partially coming up on the left of the position. D Coy remaining until 10pm as local [?????] on account of threatened danger to the left flank. Moving up under the Commanding Officer to HQ of the Lincoln Regt about midnight.
8/8/15. Work of consolidating Youghlin Bornu position proceeded with. About 9am orders were received that we had to withdraw into Divisional Reserve again at Lala Ba. Casualties 2 officers 2nd Lt W.S. Ross & 2nd Lt. H.B. de Montmorency wounded, also 51 others wounded, 4 killed & 3 missing. About 5.0pm OC Battns were sent for from Brigade Headqrs to go forward & reconnoitre positions to be attacked the following morning. The position to be attacked was as follows. Point 112 ie ISMAIL UGLU TEPE to the windmills just South of ANA FARTA SAGIR. Order of attack was 6th Border Regt. Right. 7th South Staffs Centre & 6th Lincolns Left two platoons were to be pushed forwards on hill 50 to take right flank (Wounded Lt H.B. De Montmorency & Lt W.S.Ross)
9/8/15 At 1.45am the Battn. Left bivouac accompanied by 6th Lincolns & marched to YILGHIN BURNU reaching position for deployment just North of this point at 5.00 am where the two Battns. Were joined by the 7th South Staffs Regt. who were bivouacking there. The advance started about 5.0 am C & D companies forming the firing line & supports C on right & D on left. A & B were Battn. Reserve. 3 machine guns under Major Bridges were attached to the Battn.The advance proceeded in a satisfactory manner till 6.30am, the firing line reaching the nulla near ISMAIL JALUTERE. The [Left?] at this junction about the region of KANLI KEUPRU was driven in, the enemy coming on to Hill 70 & the heights of ABRIKJA thereby enfilading the left of the Battn attack. A & B companies were now pushed into the firing line. Battn. Headqrs. were formed along the road just North of TORDUT CHESHME a very heavy enfilade from enemy machine guns was experienced & the firing line became divided into isolated groups with no support coming up. A further retirement on the left caused the commanding officer to collect as many men as he could along the road about TORDUT CHESHME. This line was held all day until about 5.0 pm. A large number of men had been killed or wounded along the line by machine guns. At 5.0 pm the remainder of the Battn. & one company of the Staffordshire Regt. Retired about 150 yards & occupied an old trench & dug in. Casualties being Officers :- 12 killed, 4 wounded,& 1 missing. 20 officers started the attack. Casualties ranks & file killed 26, wounded 241, missing 131. 696 men started in the morning with the battalion.
10/8/15 The whole of the day was spent in the occupation & consolidating the trench along our line. Col Broadrick being in charge. On that evening the 53rd Division made an attack on Hill 70. During the night of 10th & 11th heavy firing in our lines on both sides by Regiments on our Right & Left, but there was no general attack by the enemy. Casualties 1 man wounded.
11/8/15 Day spent in same trenches working on consolidating our line, during the two days previously several wounded were brought in
12/8/15 At 1.0am the Battn. Was relieved from the trenches by the Yorks Regt & proceeded to the reserve below LALA BABA where reinforcements from Imbros joined up under Capt K.M. Chance
13/8/15 Reserve below LALA BABA working on defences
14/8/15 Reserve below LALA BABA working on defences
15/8/15 Reserve below LALA BABA working on defences
16/8/15 Reserve below LALA BABA working on defences
17/8/15 Reserve below LALA BABA working on defences. 2 Lt Fenwick 6 Lincoln attached to us. Capt Romanes rejoined from being transport officer.
18/8/15 In evening relieved West Riding Regt. In trenches on CHOCOLATE HILL.
19/8/15 Trenches on CHOCOLATE HILL.
20/8/15 Relieved at 11pm by 1st Bn Dublin Fusiliers & went back to same beach below LALA BABA arriving at 2 am
21/8/15 2 Lt A de L BAINBRIGGE & 2 Lt. F.B.D.STALKER joined Bn in morning. Left bivouacs at 2pm & formed up behind LALA BABA. The 33rd Bde was in reserve to the 32nd who had orders to attack [ w mill – windmill?] if the 32 succeeded in doing this they were to dig in & the 33rd were to push through & take hill 101. The 29th division was to attack on our left, but we had no definite information as to who was on our right. The 33rd started at about 3pm in artillery formation in the following order: SHERWOOD FORESTERS. BORDER. S.STAFFS. LINCOLNS . The Bn in columns of coy order A,B,C,D came very quickly under shellfire, which increased in intensity as it proceeded. The bn advanced almost due east & when about level with CHOCOLATE HILL, A coy coming under rifle fire extended, the remaining coys extended in succession as they came to the same place, & as D Coy was doing this a written message, signed was brought in by an officer – major – saying that D & C Coys were to file to the right & follow him to take a Turkish trench a few hundred yds. away on the right, which attack he said he should lead. This was done & the trench was taken, the Turks leaving as they approached. Here our men were mixed up with some of the 32nd bde & the S.STAFFS but the men of the 32nd went off somewhere to the right, while the BORDERS & about 50 S.STAFFS advanced several hundred yds. & lined the sunken road 92 B4-6. 2 Lt Bainbrigge was now in command of the Borders in this part of the line, Capt Darwell having been wounded & 2 Lt Stalker killed, though there were only about 40 left. They remained where they were till about 6pm when a Ghurkha regt were seen advancing behind in an easterly direction & occupied a ditch going N & S with SUSAK KUKU on their extreme left 2 Lt Bainbrigge got in trench with them & was ordered to extend his line along the sunken road to their left.
(22/8/15) under 21st. This part of the line was under heavy enfilade fire during the day, but the position was maintained until Lt Bainbrigge received orders through the Ghurkhas to retire to the beach, reinforcements for the latter having arrived & this order also applied to the S STAFFS under his command, & this was complied with, as he retired to the beach after dark & rejoined the remainder of the bn. the following morning.
21/8/15 To return to A & B Coys. After extending they pushed on ahead lead by the C.O. who was in the front line under heavy rifle fire towards [W. Mill? – windmill ] when they arrived at a point about 200 yards NE [ A 105???] on the slopes of a hill, they were heavily enfiladed from the right rear. The C.O. & Capt Clegg were killed & Capt Romanes wounded. Those men who had gone up the slopes of the hill were ordered back to a trench at the bottom by the C.O. A fire had broken out in the bushes on the hill & the wounded were in danger of being burnt. CQMS Prosser did good work bringing them down, thereby gaining the DCM .Lt Durlacher, when it grew dark, collected about 200 men chiefly BORDERS & SHERWOODS behind the trench, for the moment all that could be found of the 33rd bde. Capt Chance was in command & read orders from the Brigadier to occupy a trench running E & W opposite the HETMAN CHAIR communication trench, which was & had been occupied by the Turks the whole time & had done all the damage. Trench was occupied, 32nd & 33rd bdes. being very mixed up.
22/8/15 Stayed in trench all day & were relieved by the Munster Fusiliers & occupied reserve trenches running from the SE corner of SALT LAKE toward the sea.which were already occupied by 11 div Cyclist coy. Went into action 483. Killed men 12 officer 3 .Wounded men 56 offs 2 .Missing men 12 officer 3 .Total 100 men 5 off
23/8/15 Reserve trenches near SALT LAKE
24/8/15 Reserve trenches near SALT LAKE.
BORDERS & LINCOLNS formed into 1 btn under Lt Col PHELPS.
S.STAFFS & SHERWOODS formed into 1 btn under Capt DUCK.
25/8/15 Reserve trenches near SALT LAKE
26/8/15 Reserve trenches near SALT LAKE
27/8/15 Relieved 6 Essex Regt on KIRETCH TEPE SIRT
28/8/15 Firing line
29/8/15 Firing line
30/8/15 In Dug outs in support
31/8/15 In Dug outs in support
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