Gallipoli 6th Bn war diary part 2

Gallipoli 6th Bn war diary part 2

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6th Bn BORDER REGIMENT war diary, Gallipoli (part 2)

Grammar, spelling mistakes, missed punctuation etc. left as on original documents (words in bracket are as such on original)
Illegible or guessed words in [square brackets] with? question marks. Transcription notes in [square brackets and italics]

September 1915

1/9/15 In Dug Out in support – shelling by Turks after dark. Reinforced firing line for the night. No attack
2/9/15 Support dug outs
3/9/15 ditto
4/9/15 ditto
5/9/15 Firing line. Lt DURLACHER went sick with slight dysentery. Only Capt Chance & 2 Lt BAINBRIGGE, Capt White QM left
6 to 8/9/15 Firing line
9/9/15 Firing line. Lt SKENE RAMC wounded
10 & 11/9/15 Firing line
12/9/15 Firing line, Relieved by W. Yorks Regt.
13/9/15 In reserve on the beach. Moved up to dug outs on hillside every alternate night while in reserve. Draft of 100 men from 3 Munsters joined, No officers
14/9/14 In reserve on beach. Fatigues all day all the time in reserve
15/9/16 In reserve on beach. Fatigues all day all the time in reserve
16/9/14 Ditto.
17/9/15 Ditto. 2 Lt GRAHAM-CLARKE of KOSB attached to bn.
18- 20/9/15 Ditto
21/9/15 Ditto. Lt James& 2nd Lt Carr rejoined the bn having been wounded [on 9/8/15 - crossed out ] Relieved Lancashire Fusiliers & Northumberland Fusiliers. One Coy on beach, one Coy in support & Lincolns in firing line
22/9/15 In reserve one company, in support one coy. Major D Mathers Inniskilling Fusiliers joined to take over command of the battalion
23/9/15 The Bn was separated from 6th Lincolnshire Regt and reorganised under command of Major Mathers in support nullah [ note: a nullah is a ravine ] 300 yards N of Shafetsbury Avenue – B & C Coys No I Coy; A & D Coys No II Coy – Adjutant Lt C.K.James.
24/9/15 Btn in Support -working party on GREEN LANE.
25/9/15 Btn in Support -working party on GREEN LANE.2 Lt J.J. Johnstone & D.S. Buchanan 9th Btn KOSB attached
26/9/15 Btn in Support- working party on GREEN LANE. 2 Lt Graham-Clarke ( 9th KOSB attd) wounded.
27/9/15 Btn in Support- working party on GREEN LANE. 2 Lt G.B. Armstrong 9th Linclon attached.
28/9/15 Bn relieved 6th Lincoln Regt in firing line – portion of trench taken over E 54 & E54 (a) (GREN LANE) All night working parties on GREEN LANE – no casualties.
29/9/15 Btn in firing line – Night working party on GREEN LANE – two casualties
30/9/15 Btn in firing line extended to include JEPHSON’S POST

October 1915

1/10/15 Bn in firing line. Night working parties on GREEN LANE. Work interfered with by fairly heavy shelling five casualties.
2/10/15 Bn in firing line. Night working parties on GREEN LANE. 2nd Lt Ross W.S. rejoined ( having been wounded)
3/10/15 Bn in firing line. Night working parties on GREEN LANE. GREEN KNOLL (135-P-5) held by 2 officers and 20 men.A few Turks were in position on the knoll but were driven off with bombs
4/10/15 Bn in firing line: 2 officers & 20 men sent out at 18.45 to hold the knoll. The party was fairly heavily fired on when 200 yards from the knoll; it accordingly advanced slightly and took up position on edge of Nullah W of knoll writing back for instructions. Bombs thrown by Turks and us fell short in nullah. About 24.00 GREEN LANE & KNOLL parties withdrawn and the knoll shelled fairly heavily no more parties sent out that night.
5/10/15 Bn in firing line. 18.15 – 18.45 GREEN KNOLL [searched?] with MG fire – a party of Turks (about 70) dispersed. 18.30 -19.00 Artillery bombardment of the knoll. 21.00 knoll occupied b 150 men of Sherwood Foresters. Our working party on GREEN LANE not interfered with and much more comfortable than usual.
6/10/15 Bn in firing line. Same procedure for GREEN KNOLL as on the 5th. The following N.C.O.s & men were awarded the DCM for gallantry in the field
No 20028 C.Q.M.S Prosser A.V ,5101 a/C.S.M. Gibson C., 11281 Pte Sutherland . 6th (S) Battalion The Border Regt. Officers joined as follows: Lt T.E. Bjerre & Lts A.A. Patterson E.N.Park, R.B.Wood E.B.Mason all 6th Bn attached 10th Btn Border Regt
7/10/15 Bn relieved during day by 7th (S) Bn S.Staffordshire Regt (completed 16.00) & moved into Btnn reserve in SHAFTESBURY AVENUE. Distinguishing letter of E section of trenches changed to D. Work on 135-0-5 to 3. Bn reorganised in 4 Coys under command of A Coy Lt T.E. Bjerre; B.Coy. Capt K.M. Chance; C Coy 2 Lt. A.L. Bainbrigge; D Coy Lt R.N. Carr
8/10/15 Bn in reserve men at work clearing SHAFTESBURY AV to breadth of 4 ft Following officers joined for duty from 10th Btn. 2 Lts J.J. [ Dedman?] A.Fulton,C.F. [Ingledow?] ; from Egypt 2 Lt K.A.Morris.
9/10/15 Bn the reserve. Divine Service by Rev W.W. Warburton 09.30 Work on Shaftesbury Avenue & 135-0-5 to 3
10/10/15 Bn in reserve. (135-0-5 to 3 named Cliff Walk) Work on Shaftsbury Avenue &Cliff Walk.
11/10/15 Bn in reserve. Draft of 150 NCO & men & 6 officers 2 Lt F.R.Poole 6 Bn & Lts N.D.Williams.?F.Ridley, 2 Lts W.J.Beattie, J.W.Wood 10th Bn, 2nd Lt H.F. Samson nd Bn The Border Regt. Work on Shaftesbury Avenue.
12/10/15 Bn in Reserve Shaftesbury Avenue Toe Redoubt (135 –P-1?2) commenced under RE. Work on Cliff Walk.
13/10/15 Bn in Reserve Shaftesbury Avenue Toe Redoubt (135 –P-1?2) commenced under RE. Work on Cliff Walk.
14/10/15 Bn in Reserve Shaftesbury Avenue Toe Redoubt (135 –P-1?2) commenced under RE. Work on Cliff Walk. Capt Chance to rest camp.
15/10/15 Bn in Reserve Shaftesbury Avenue Toe Redoubt finished. Work on Cliff Walk.
16/10/15 Bn in Reserve Shaftesbury Avenue Toe Redoubt finished. Work on Cliff Walk.Divine Service 10.30 2 Lt R.N.Carr to rest camp
17 & 18/10/15 Bn in Reserve Shaftesbury Avenue. Work on Cliff Walk
19/10/15 Bn in Reserve. Extension of Toe Redoubt commenced from P2 to P3 Work on Cliff Walk.
20/10/15 Bn moved to Div Reserve at Lizard’s Tail (135-R-5 to 9) being relieved by Yorkshire Regt and relieving York & Lancaster egt. 2 Lts R.N.Carr; J.W. Hood: W.L.Beattie to 35th Field Ambulance.
21/10/15 Bn in Div Reserve. Work on stone dugouts in own nullah. The following warrant offciers garnted ttemporary commissions General List AU thy G.R.O 41. No 5781 RQMS Price S.J. to be Temporary 2 Lt. No 20028 CQMS Prosser AV to be Temporary 2 Lt
22/10/15 Btn in Div Reserve. Work continused on our dugouts which are progressing very well
23-26/10/15 [ no entries ]
27/10/15 Btn. in Div Reserve. Address at 18.30 by Rev [Corcoran?] very successful

Alternative diary 12 - 31/10/15 in different writing

12- 16/10/15 Bn in reserve. Employed improving and entrenching Cliff Walk and Toe Redoubt.
17/10/15 Lt Carr to hospital
18/10/15 Battn Moved to Lizard Point in reserve employed in making winter quarters in Nullah
19-30/10/15 ditto
31/10/15 Battalion moved to Area A in Corps Reserve
Major Mathers Comdg. 6th Border Rgt.

November 1915

1/11/15 Batalion in Area A Corps reserve – men employed on fatigues with Ordnance Depot – Provost Marshal and Fd Ambulance
2 & 3/11/15 -do.
4/10/15 Do.Surprise Alarm 6.30 pm. Men turned out very well fully equipoped with arms, ammunition, respirators, F. dressings Emergency ration and full water bottles complete,
5-7/11/15 - do.
10/11/15 – do - 2 Lt Armstrong,?Lincolnshire Regt 9th Nov
11/11/15 Relieved Devon Yeomanry in firing line trenches sections 50 to 53 inclusive. Lt Sampson wounded by H.E. 2 Lt Patterson to hospital sick
12/11/15 Very heavy shelling on Jepson Post about 10 am 5 men hit 2 sent to hospital – 1 coy taken out of firing line & put in supports on Preston Ridges.
13/11/15 Quiet day only a little sniping. Listening post went out 100 yds in front of fire trench.
14/11/15 Very little sniping. Machine gun in HAYMARKET got a good target in Turkish communication trench at a range of 1750 yds. Gas alarm practice.
SUVLA 15/11/15 Jepsons Post shelled by Turks about 9am - 3 men (cooks) wounded by one shell in trench. 9.30 am 2 stretcher bearers wounded by shell. All went to hospital. 2 Lt Wood to hospital G.O.C. 11 Division inspected trenches in our area, Practice gas alarm
17/11/15 CSM Gibson killed & one man wounded
18/11/15 One man killed & 3 wounded21/11/15 Lt Montgomerie and 58 men joined Btn
25/11/15 Relieved in firing lines by South Staffordshire Rgt – Battalion moved into Divisional Reserve at Holburn. 1 man killed 1 wounded.
26/11/15 Heavy thunderstorm today and 27th inst. Faulty work in building dug out brought [???] down
27/11/15 Snow storm
28/11/15 Snow storm 27 men to hospital result of storm
29/11/15 Frosty weather 15 men to hospital result of storm
30/11/15 Frosty weather sick down to [???] – 5 sick

December 1915

1-4/12/15 Cold frosty weather especially at night. Btn employed on work on 2nd line defences and in draining communication trenches – Three officers to hospital sick 2 Lt Morris Fulton – [Ingledow?]
5-7/12/15 Weather milder. S.W. wind Bright Sunshine
8/12/15 1 man wounded 6 men evacuated unfit
9/12/15 1 man wounded 41 men evacuated unfit
10/12/15 1 man wounded 4 men evacuated unfit
11/12/15 24 m3n evacuated unfit
12/12/15 58 men evacuated unfit
12/12/16 1 man wounded
18/12/15 Left Divisional Reserve Area 18.00 embarked 21.00 on SS “Huntsgreen” – no casualties.
19/12/15 Disembarked at Imbros 07.00 encamped at No 6 Area

Dec 20 1915 to Jan 27th 1916
IMBROS 20/12/15 In camp at Imbros . Training. Serbian band. [ two words illegible ] 2nd Lt [Ivison? ] to hospital on 11th Jan. Following officers rejoined on 10th Jan from hospital Capts C.K.James. R.N.Carr. 2 Lt K.A.Morris Jan 10th Capt K.M.Chance to be 2nd in Command Capt C.K.James to be Adjutant. Capt R.W. Carr took over command and [????ment} of B Coy. Vice Capt Chance.

Jan 27th - Feb 3rd 1916

IMBROS 27/1/16 Embarked at 20.00 on board SS Brighton
MUDROS 28/1/16 left Imbros 11.00 arrived Mudros 15.30 and went straight on board SS Tunisian.
AT SEA 29/1/16 Left Mudros. Troops on board 6th Border, 6th Lincolnshire, 33rd Bde HQ and about 250 details
30 & 31/1/16 At sea- calm weather- voyage very pleasant & much enjoyed by all
ALEXANDRIA 1 & 2/2/16 Arrived at Alexandria 14.00 Disembarked last at 16.30 marched to [Rowlah?] station and came out by train to Sidi Bishr Arrived 21.00
SIDI BISHR 3/2/16 Arranging camp 184 other ranks marched in. Officers 2 Lt A Fulton from hospital. Lt Davies 2 Lt Healy & [All???] attached from Manchester Regt. 2 Lt McCreer Royal Warwickshire Regt also attached

I haven't tried to make an grammatical corrections, and some phrases don't seem to make sense, but I've left them as written, Paul
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