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I have posted Henry's photo (I think!). I cannot post the whole obituary as I had to sign a copyright disclaimer in order to copy it. The Wigan Observer is still in business , I have the latest edition in front of me.The headline read " A Giant's Hall Collier's Fate. Killed in Action in France" ( a common generalisation )It then gave his parent's address, Swinley Hall Farm Wigan, which was quite close to Giant's Hall Colliery, where Henry had worked. Robert and Ellen Gambles of Swinley Hall Farm were my great grandparents. Henry's correct age of 28 years was also listed along with the fact that he was a single man who had enlisted in 7th Batt.Border Regt. in March 1915. The photo is of very poor quality owing to the condition of the microfilm and the poor copying facility. In the original, you can just discern the Borders cap badge, but not in the copies. There seem to be about half a dozen of these deaths in each edition (twice a week ). Probably more after big offensives.
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I was not aware of it, but the Borders clearly had an early link with Wigan, since pre-conscription recruitment seems to have been widespread.
Wigan North Western station is/was only a bit over an hour away on the west coast main line from Carlisle Citadel station, a stone's throw from Carlisle Castle. Incidentally there are trench maps of "The Bluff" area here: there are several photos of the area (now a wildlife sanctuary) and the Ypres-Comines canal on Google Earth, 50 deg 48' 53.81" N 2 deg 54' 53.57" E elev 187ft
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