Walter Dixon's Medals Found- Thank you, Paul

Walter Dixon's Medals Found- Thank you, Paul

Postby petertheelder » Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:08 am

For some time now, I’ve been searching for my great-uncle’s medals. I knew that they had probably been sent to his fiancée, Alice H. Hodgson as an authorization is included in his surviving service papers.

Paul Bramham emailed me today to say that he found Serjeant. Walter Dixon’s trio of medals on display at the Lakeland Museum of Life and Industry. Paul and I have exchanged many emails and he has provided great assistance to my research into Walter Dixon’s past. He was at the opening of the exhibit in his role a a Kendal Town Councillor and spotted the WW1 trio. Paul says that ‘He was very surprised to find whose medals they were and could’nt wait to let me know of his find. He has also advised the museum curator that Walter Dixon was in the 8th (Kendal Pals) battalion.

This is another example of the power of a forum such as this one and I have to express my gratitude to Paul for his efforts to assist me and other forum members.
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Re: Walter Dixon's Medals Found- Thank you, Paul

Postby kerchi » Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:01 pm

This is great news! Knowing where they are and seeing them must be a great surprise and a joy to experience, shame you are so far away.
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Re: Walter Dixon's Medals Found- Thank you, Paul

Postby plbramham » Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:49 am

Hope you don' t mind Peter,
Your reply to me, Paul:

Just a couple of bits of information regarding Walter Dixon that were clarified this summer as a result of Paul Bramham’s discovery in June of Walter Dixon’s medals at the Fells to Flanders exhibit at the Museum of Lakeland at the Abbott Hall. It was exciting to find that his medals were sent to Alice, likely with his family’s blessing. I attach a copy of a badly damaged paper from Walter’s service records.

The medal display is annotated ‘ Donated by Alice H. Hodgson’. The curator, James Arnold, looked up the record of the donation and it turned up that the medals were most probably passed on from Alice Hodgson to Amy Dixon, Walter’s sister, when Alice died. The actual donor was a companion to Amy Dixon and inherited her estate. This strongly suggests that Alice Hodgson never married but kept in touch with Walter’s sisters.

In December, 1915, he sent a postcard wishing my mother a Merry Christmas (Mum’s first; Walter’s last). The postcard is addressed No 12 CCS, BEF, France. This is a Casualty Clearing Station located at Hazebrouck, France.His service record papers confirm that Walter was wounded on November 30, 1915 when an acetylene lamp exploded and injured his face. This occurred while Walter was at a grenade school. He returned to duty on December 26, 1915 after spending some time at the Casualty Clearing Station. He was granted 8 days leave on April 28, 1916, possibly because of the injury. This would be the last time Alice and Walter would be together. I remember my grandmother telling me that he was asked by his mother what the conditions were like in the trenches. Walter’s reply was “Mother, you don’t want to know!”

I hope these comments flesh out a little of Walter’s character.
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