Sergeant William Henry Willmott

Sergeant William Henry Willmott

Postby PhantomMajor » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:47 pm

Hi all,

i am doing some research into my Great Grandfather and so far, thanks to the Borders Regiment Museum I now know quite a bit about him but there are things that are still missing, all i know is that he was in the 8th Battalion and he was 40 years old when he signed up. What makes him even more interesting is that he lived in Islington London.

I know he was wounded at the battle of the Somme and he did in fact survive the war, he had rested from his wounds he was transferred to the Labour Corp. Other than the military records that the Border Regiment Museum has, is there any other way of narrowing down which part of the 8th Battalion he was in, possibly Company or even Platoon level, or are these records lost forever now?

I also have a copy of the unit's war diary that gives a basic outline of where the Battle of the Somme started and end for them as well as a possible link with the Times newspaper casualty lists that were printed on the 10th of August

below is a picture of him taken on the 27th of May 1916 just a month and a half away from the Battle of the Somme:

Sergeant 5782 William Henry Willmott of the 8th Battalion Border Regiment
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Re: Sergeant William Henry Willmott

Postby mrdeacon » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:18 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum I wished I could give you the answers you require but if the museum have given you some answers I think that is it I am afraid but that is my opinion maybe you might get your answers in time.
How about going to your local library and going through the newspapers maybe your great grandfather gets a mention especially around the time he was injured ?
Just an interest what did the museum pass onto you if you don't mind me asking ?

Good luck Mike.
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