Websites (Imaging)

Websites that are worth having a look at. This can be anything relating to the Border Regiment from any time period. Add your suggestions here.

Websites (Imaging)

Postby spike » Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:44 am

Some photo editing and batch processing sites with free programs that can be useful....

IRFANVIEW a very useful program especially for batch conversion of
a number of pictures and adding text to them all in one, worth a download...

GIMP-(GNU Image Manipulation Program)- quite a powerful free image manipulation software, if a little difficult at first to use.
There are however lots of hints and tips on line and on forums, type in Gimp Hints (ooo err :eeek: ..and hope the vice squad aren't alerted) in Google and you'll usually find answers to your problem.

Good for improving damaged images and filtering out noise on photo's, even the demo version which costs nowt.....

POWER BATCH another batch processing freeware program, with the ability to add watermarks
to your batched pictures.

I had G.I.M.P. before I got a Paintshop Pro 7 which it is just as good as, the only advantage being PP7 has help files included
and is a little easier to use.....

LINK - Border Regiment in the Great War Websites
(right click and open in new tab)

In memory of -19455 Private John Farrer,
A Company 11th Border Regiment k.i.a. 1st July 1916
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