Working on Wiki again (of sorts)

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Working on Wiki again (of sorts)

Postby kerchi » Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:51 am

While I have had some time inbetween decorating etc. I have been adding "on this day" information from the closed wiki to the new (current) project, which is accessible by clicking on the button with + symbol on it at the top of the forum.

Taking a leap out of Spike's book, I am only working on one major project instead of several at the same time and never actually getting anywhere with any of them. I decided to focus on the "on this day" side of things because there is more scope to compile a far ranging selection of Border Regiment information and it sill covers the usual 1881-1959 time period.

Many of the pages I have added had links to other pages, and those pages had more links to even more pages. That's how wiki's work but the tricky thing is to decide which pages to copy from the older wiki to this new one without systematically copying the entire thing again, which defeats the object of starting this project in the first place. So, with this in mind, I am only focussing on additionally adding battalion histories and various documentation relating to those battalions, namely war diary documents etc. (but not the war diaries themselves), DCM and VC citations and a few other pages of varying information needed to help the general flow of browsing the site.

The bulk of the information in the "on this day" section has been copied over. When this is complete it will be a case of starting to add new information, which I will do from looking through the war diaries again. However, the war diaries don't always provide the best information.

Any Border Regiment information (events) that you think would be interesting to add to the project please pass it on to me by posting in this thread or emailing me. All I ask is that the event has a date so I know which calendar day to add the information to. Thanks.

Here is today's example of what the Border Regiment were doing on this day (info is not restricted to war years):

On this day...(26 September)

  • 1st Border Regiment: Kephalos (Bay), Imbros. A Draft of one officer (2nd Lieut. Lill – 6th Lincolnshire Regiment) and 54 other ranks join the Battalion from England.
  • 2nd Border Regiment at Noyelle. About 1am information is received that the quarries have been captured by the enemy.
    At 3am a counterattack is made on them by a fresh battalion but they fail and no other attempt is made until 5.30pm.
    Allied Brigade Bombers are sent to assist this attack which is only partially successful.
    Major General T. Caper, KCMG, CB, DSO, Commanding the 7th Division, is wounded during the attack and dies later.
    Later in the day the Battalion is relieved in 'Gun Trench' and takes the place of the Royal Scots Fusiliers in 'Breslau Avenue' (an old German communication trench).
  • 6th Border Regiment: Gallipoli (Suvla Bay). The Battalion is in support with a working party on 'Green Lane'; 2nd Lieut. Graham-Clarke (9th King's Own Scottish Borderers - attached) is wounded.
  • 8th Border Regiment leaves Aldershot in two troop trains for Folkstone, later embarking for Boulogne.
    Reaches Boulogne, disembarks and marches to next camp approximately 2 miles out, arriving about 1am. Iron rations are issued to the men the following morning.

  • 1st Border Regiment in the firing line where 2nd Lieut. W.S.M. Ruxton is wounded by shell fire.
  • 2nd Border Regiment in billets and posts where work is done on repairing and strengthening the strong posts and trenches.
  • 8th Border Regiment marches from Amplier to Léalvillers (9 miles); a few men fall owing to heat.
  • 11th Border Regiment is relieved by the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers from Le Quesnoy an proceeds to take over billets at Annezin; relief commences at 2pm and completes at 3:45pm.

  • 2nd Border Regiment remains in billets at Longuenesse and carries out its training under Battalion arrangements.
  • 8th Border Regiment at Marles-les-Mines involved in Divisional sports and fête where the men have a pleasant and relatively successful day:
    Shooting Competition: 1st – Wiltshire Regiment; 2nd – Lancashire Fusiliers; 3rd – Borders Regiment.
    The 8th Borders also take part in: Hurdle race (1st); tug of war (2nd); wrestling (2nd); football kicking (2nd); officer's relay (3rd); water cart (3rd); limber (3rd) and pack mules (3rd).
    2nd Lieut. Drewre joins the Battalion from signalling course.
  • 11th Border Regiment at La Panne find working parties.
    Lecture to all Officers and Platoon Sergeants by the Divisional Commander.
    One Company practices Apron Fence wiring.
In memory of John Bardgett (15309 L/Cpl.), 11th Border Regiment who died 1st July 1916.

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