The Militia at Brackenber

The Militia at Brackenber

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On Monday afternoon the 3rd and 4th Battalions Border Regiment (Cumberland and Westmorland Militia) arrived Appleby on their way to Brackenber Moor for their annual 27 days training under canvas. The regiments assembled at Carlisle Castle during the forenoon, when the men were supplied with their kits and accoutrements. The first to go on parade was the fourth battalion about half-past one o'clock. In the absence of Colonel Lewis, suffering from indisposition, Major Mounsey-Heysham was in command. They left the city in special Midland train shortly after two o'clock. The third battalion went on parade about half-past two.

The regiment was under the command of Colonel Bain. As usual the beginning of an encampment, the regiment is being put through squad and company drill and preliminary musketry practice. Battalion and brigade drill will come later, and it is expected that during the last ten days of the training Colonel Hilton, commanding the 34th Regimental District, will as last year be brigadier. The 4th Battalion on Wednesday was still under the command of Major Mounsey-Heysham, the indisposition of Colonel Lewis having prevented him from joining the regiment. June 25th, the date the projected field day which the volunteers of both counties and battalions of the militia will take part, is being looked forward to with great interest. Colonel Hilton will probably arrive camp on the 23rd, and on the 24th there will be a night reconnaissance by the militia and the Appleby volunteers for the purpose of finding out the position of attack for the following day.

Published Saturday 11th June, 1898
In memory of John Bardgett (15309 L/Cpl.), 11th Border Regiment who died 1st July 1916.

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